Merchant Cost CALCULATOR

How much can you save using the MiniPay Solution

If you are a merchant, a shop-in-the-block, or as they call them in India a Krina Shop or a street vendor or a coffee shop, restaurant, or a service provider, and using today any kind of Payment terminal (EFTPOS/POS) or a mobile phone payment APP, then you have come to the right website for calculating how much you can reduce your cost, by using the revolutionary ViA MiniPay Solution.

Why can you SAVE?

This Merchant-Cost-Calculator is an interactive web page, you fill in any facts you want and it will directly tell you how much you can save per day and year, compared to what you today use for getting paid by your customers. Maybe you haven't thought about the real cost for accepting payments when users do pay with a card or they pay by QR-codes or mobile phone APP. Your business may use traditional POS terminals (EFTPOS devices), and whatever kind of device you use, it has related direct costs as well as indirect costs. Here on this page we will sort it all out and the result may come to surprise you:

Select the Currency you use for daily Sales, exchange rates was updated on August 8, 2021.

Exchange Rate
Selecting the currency you use for your day-to-day business is needed for making the calculation correct. The basic calculation is made in US dollar and as you can see on the right side, the latest updated exchange rate is displayed. The last time the exchange rate was updated was August 8, 2021.

Start with some general information:

Days per week Sales Amount per Day Sales Amount per Year

Sales facts, related sales paid by card or mobile phone:

Card Sales amount per Day Total Card sales per year = % of total Sales

MDR Fees and Number of cardpayments per day:

MDR Fee in % Card payments Cost per day Total MDR Fees
Using MiniPay reduces MDR Fee, you Save =

Let's look on the cost for the device you do use for payments:

Device Cost Years to Keep Cost per Year MiniPay Cost

Communication Cost:

Subscription Monthy Fee Data Cost Cost per year

Bank and Account Cost:

Account cost Monthy Fees Trx Fees Total Charges

Your Total Costs

MDR Fees Communicatio Bank Charges Your TOTAL Cost


This is you pay today Cost per Month MiniPay Cost Total Savings per Month Saving per Day

Time Cost Money – Time to wait is a hustle

There is another aspect to what it truly costs you to receive a payment if it is done by a card or mobile phone device, or even when you do handle cash payments. So let us see if we can make a fair assessment of what your reality is, every day. My intention is, that this website also will gather facts from you, from different countries and at a proper time have a kind of database, where you can see what others do pay and what their actual cost is.

(1) From the time you do hold a customers card in your hand, swipe or insert the card in a POS/EFTPOS terminal, howling time does it normally, on average take before you have got the transaction accepted and the receipt has been printed, kindly answer with minutes and seconds:

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