On-Offline Grid by ViA MiniPay!

On-Offline Grid by ViA MiniPay

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 ONLINE  Ten-Cent-MS
Ali Pay -MS
Ali Pay-CS

   MS = Merchant Side  CS = Customer Side

The ON-OFFLINE Grid depictured above, demonstrate the core principles and compares the Swedish success of the SWISH, TENCENT, and ALIPAY payment services on both the consumer side (CS) as well as the merchant side (MS) where it clearly shows that MiniPay with its Chip2Chip innovation is the ONLY solution which PROCESS and complete a transaction (such as a payment event) without any interaction to a backend system at the time when a purchase is being made.

And this is how the Chip2Chip revolutionary monitory innovation was invented:

Lars Olof Kanngard and Mats Engstrom (Sweden) did after decades of developments within the payment industry realized that going cashless needs disruptive new thinking, and such a solution can not be based on any kind of online payment service, it needs to be resolved with a solution which can replace the use of coins and banknotes, without the need of connectivity to a backend service.

Mats Engstrom did put his skills to the technical challenge in early 2017 and together they invented an absolutely new branch of what was known on how to use smart-chip technology. In June 2017 the tech-duo did file their provisional patent application and a year later the patent application, which now has become known as Chip2Chip.

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