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The Solution for going CASHLESS

The online-world is not sustainable and creates exclusion, a simple day-to-day payment (with card or a mobile phone) takes time, creates embarrassment when there is poor connectivity, and doesn't work if the internet or mobile networks are down.

In order to make the online world perfect and not leave anyone excluded, the new secure OFFLINE Chip2Chip solution paves the way for the 5th Payment Revolution and 100% inclusion, it's a complement.

1 Second... always

1 Second every time, without connectivity! Can you imagine that all your day-to-day spending can be made, every time within just 1 second?

No need for digging in pockets, purses, or wallets to find change or wait for the vendor to find change to give back to you. That's the reality when using the newly invented Chip2Chip Solution. The ultimate solution for Replacing cash, your coins, and bills for day-to-day spendings.

VIDEOS we share:

Open the Chip2Chip short Video inroduction on Youtube Visit demo video on Youtube

We also share a longer video version, close to 9 minutes long, which will educate you in what the reality is for going cashless and why it is crucial to create INCLUSION where NOONE is left aside, this is a DRAFTED version:

Open the long version of Chip2Chip Video inroduction on Youtube Visit long demo video for Chip2Chip on Youtube with spoken presentation

Going Cashless needs NEW thinking

If you are as the fellow here, sitting comfortably in a trend-bubble, your future thoughts of what to do likely come from the system brand and their marketing prowess causing you to buy more systems. Perhaps you should re-think what truly matters!

Contributing to a greener future and creating sustainability must be based on NO ONE being left behind, no more exclusion.

You can contribute to a more fairer digital future if you combine online solutions with an offline complement.

This website is rather technically oriented, describing the benefits of making tokenized (digitally signed) data records on the spot when we make a payment as an example. If you instead want to read and see more about the ViA MiniPay solution, you are welcome to visit or just click here.

We will explain the benefits and explain how things work today and why it is necessary to bring to the global market an OPEN natural complement to the online world. Many people take it for granted that everyone has 4 different credit cards, 2 or more different ATM (Debit) cards in their wallet, and, most likely, at least have one smartphone. If you recognize yourself as part of this described group, keep in mind that you are a minority, just the top of the world's consumer pyramid.

The MAJORITY of global consumers do not even have a modern, safe way to make payments. YES, there is a massive range of mobile phone services, which do not require a smartphone, but all of those solutions need connectivity, they take time, and a company holds your money.

Why ONLY online?

Are we just riding a trend, that everything should be online? If you are in the industry, have you ever thought about how or what to do when online will not work?

The reason in most of the cases is that when we think about making a transaction, creating a safe record, we think in a manner of two-dimensions: A user with a device - A system processing a request.

As you know, the processing-dimension in most cases has a whole range of systems involved before a request is answered and many times a simple digital payment can travel between continents before it comes back to a POS terminal, on the other side of the world.

The definition of: OFFLINE payments

Many payment solutions and their brands claim they do "offline' payments. In fact, that is far from true. Maybe they hope that if they repeat it often enough, people will believe that an ant is actually an elephant?

True and real OFFLINE payments are when you can use a device (smart chip card, mobile with e-SIM, or any other device) held in your hand, which means your card/device is at that moment also offline. When you then touch your card (or device) to a payment device/terminal, they are not connected or communicate with a back-end system.
The user's device (card) and the payment device (terminal) are offline. When these two (offline) devices can complete a payment transaction, then and only then is it a true offline payment.

In other words; Neither the user's device (card) nor the vendor or merchant device uses any connectivity to a back-end system at the time you make the payment.

How to explain something never has been done or seen before?

This revolutionary innovation makes it possible to conduct actual offline payments, within one second, without any connectivity, and it doesn't put the vendor or a merchant at risk. The Chip2Chip innovation is a replacement for using cash, and it is safer, faster, costs less, moreover, it opens the doors for creating 100% inclusion as a complement to the online world. The purpose of the innovation is to replace the cash, coins, and bills we use for day-to-day spending. Not intended for larger amounts.

The definition of Chip2Chip

When a smart-chip accomplish a transaction to another smart-chip, without connectivity to another system, that’s chip to chip. An accomplishment without connectivity or being connected to a back-end system is the actual definition of Offline transactions. An offline transaction cannot bounce, the value of the transaction can not shift hands.

Why call it: Chip2Chip?

Chip2Chip is a metaphor 'slogan' of what it actually represents, a simple wording and visualizing what is actually being done when you would use the very uniquie ViA MiniPay Offline solution and the new ViA Offline Wallet (VOW) solution for making an offline payment.


Are you familiar with the term 'Cashier Cheque' ? a Cheque is given from a bank and guaranteed by the bank. In some parts of the word the same payment instrument is also known as 'Demand Draft' or 'Payment Order'.

Payment instrument Innovation Jump to the Payment Instrument Tabls

What do I need for making a payment Offline

The consumer has a ViA Card with Smart Chip (or any other card or device). On the Smart Chip, there is a new secure Offline Wallet, namely VOW, where you as the user have pre-loaded a value, say $100. When you come to the street Vendor who sells, fruit, you need to pay $1.12. The street Vendor has a ViA MiniPay Offline Terminal, you enter the amount on the terminal and then touch your card to the MiniPay terminal.


MiniPay device with ViAcard and the Merchant Card
  • Lost card • values remains
  • Always 1 secound
  • Cards are FREE
  • Offline PIN
  • Vendor Protection
  • MiniPay device FREE

Simple - Fast - Secure - Afordable

When you touch your card to the MiniPay terminal, the Vendors Smart chip will request the value of the approved purchase (approved with a personal PIN by the user). If the requested amount exists in the VOW wallet, the TWO Smartchip creates a secure, digitally signed Token. As in the metaphor, your wallet actually issuing a digitally signed Cashier Check (Bank Draft) to the Street Vendor.

The cost we pay to use banknotes!

Have you ever thought about ALL the costs we as users of money do pay every year, using banknotes (money)? Think about it, and you will be surprised? I have made some elementary conclusions based on that the USA has 44 billion banknotes in circulation. Based on the number of times the US households go to an ATM for withdrawing cash (3.4 billion) times per year. The time, the gasoline, and time to manage the money come to a conservative number of more than $30.00/banknote and year. The actual cost is likely much higher. Add to this the cost, the Federal Reserve has per year reaching $700 million + the cost to fill-up all the 500,000 ATMs... and so on...


  • Can be lost
  • Takes Time to use
  • Takes time and cost to get
  • Encuregament for criminals

We as users of money pay more than $30 dollar per year and banknote in circulation cost, time, travel cost to go to ATMs...

The 5th Payment Revolution Chip2Chip

Chip2Chip is a brand name for a global patent applied Innovation (June 2017) by the Swedish Tech-duo Lars Olof Kanngard and Mats Engstrom. The brand name describes the unique innovation, where the smart chip on a card or device completes a payment without any connectivity to a back-end system.
Smart Chips are, as the name says, SMART, and the Tech-duo just enabled the smart-chip to provide a solemn promise to protect and keep your values safe with their revolutionary VOW chip-management solution. VOW is from the start an abbreviation of ViA Offline Wallet.
Because the smart-chips, by themselves, without connectivity to a back-end system, create a digitally signed record, a tokenized record, resulted in the creation of the inexpensive MiniPay Offline device. The MiniPay device/terminal will be given free to any vendor.


That makes the Chip2Chip innovation the next evolution for making payments and exchanging values or Quantities

100% Inclusion 0% Exclusion

The ViA MiniPay Concept, offers for the first time in the world a true OFFLINE POS terminal and a smart chip wallet solution. A secure digital payment solution based on NFC and Smart-Chip technology, which contribute 100% Inclusions rather than 75% Exclusion.
The ViA MiniPay works without INTERNET without Mobile connectivity and ● without Electricity.
Chip2Chip reducing Carbon Footprint by 75% . The created secure VOW Tokens are safe and secure at the time you pay and can be uploaded to a back-end system at any time, in batches or as we say, by BULK. Resuts in that datacenter facilities can be reduced by 75% and works 24-7-52, instead being built with a capacity for peak-hours, only.

(The meaning of 24-7-52; around the clock - seven days per week - fifty two weeks per year)

Leading the WAY for 20 YEARS

The ViA Group are the original team who has contributed with solutions and inspired many individuals and corporations to make the future e-Society FREE-SAFE-FAIR.
. . . ViA a better way!
With an exciting and most challenging preparation to launch into India's vast country, the ViA Group (ViA Global Solutions Pte Ltd) continues its mission of bringing the MiniPay Solutionto the entire world.

Become a Partner

Interested to become an early pertner and or investor, we still do have the door open for small or bigger investors.
Contact us, just follow the following link, and send us your interest
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OVER 100 COMPLETED INNOVATIONS and Security Solutons

ViA CAshier Solution and Barcode Reader

VOW, It's a PAYMENT Revolution

Going towards a cashless society, starts finally to become a topic which is not any more farfetched. It is a HUGE topic and with huge changes for the billions of people, traditional payment providers creates Exclusion, when we actually need Inclusion.

ViA MiniPay KISS

Keep It Simple and Secure, that's the ViA Teams moto. After many years Research & Development and detailed study of what the street vendors and the small businesses needs, the ViA Team invented the ViA MiniPay Solution. VOW is a true OFFLINE Solution.

Visit the ViA MiniPay website

SOLUTION and Features

At the time when you should pay, the Vendor has a MiniPay POS terminal and a Vendor Smart Chip Card. You as the User and being a consumer you have a Smart Chip card or device with an eSIM.

At the time when you shall Pay, you just touch your card to the MiniPay terminal and the payment is completed, less than 1 second.

  • NO need for Internet
  • NO need for Mobilephone
  • No need for external power

  • VOW - ViA Offline Wallet Features

  • Vendor Aprovals
  • PIN Code, where user can set levels
  • KIDS Pin-Code, parent controll where to Spend
  • Transacion History with NFC
  • ViA TAB - local shop Credit Managements
  • User Protection - Blocking Code

WHAT IS Chip2Chip

Smart Chip - New Thinking

First in the world to invent that two smart chip can create a digitally signed Token, at the spot, without communication with a back-end system

VOW Secure Token

Asymetric dgitally signed Purchase-Record assigned to the Vendor, at the spot.

Due to the fact that the two smart-chip created a digitlly signed record, that means that the record is SAFE and can be stored in any un-safe medie.

BULK Upload

At the end of the Day or at any time, the Vendor cn upload gathered Tokens and by using an online devis (unsecured device) the Tokens can be uploaded for verification.

WRONG WORD For the wrong Event At the wrong TIME

Offline vs. Offline

Industry confusion The FinTech and the legacy card payment industry are stuck in a tunnel-vision. They refer to 'Offline Payments' to a card transaction which was NOT able to be verified, due to lack of communication, no internet communication, such transaction is a NON COMPLETED TRANSAACTION. ...Nothing else!

Making a payment and there is no communication

By dictionary, the word 'Offline' is defined as :(of a computer) not connected to or directly controlled by a central system, or not connected to the internet

Every payment solutions within the FinTech are dependent on a central system and a transaction cannot be completed without such central system, or as we say 'back-end' system. So if a transaction is kept (while communication is down, not working) and later when the communication is back, the terminal or system, was used and at such time, such transaction will be processed, hopefully.

Let's Get The words right....

Understanding the differences and the security differences!
POS Syetem image

Cashier Systems

Counter checkout withbuilt in card readers

POS Systems are the Cashier systems in super markets, where the card reading equipment is an integral part with such POS System. The POS backend system, will from a central server/system request the payment authorization. This makes POS Systems at a larger RISK.

POS Systems

EFTPOS Picture VeriFone


Tamper Free and Secure

EFTPOS are a highly secure standalone device, (on the picture an ViAeBM device based on VeriFone) communicating directly with the processing network. The users can NOT download any Apps or software.



Offline POS Device


NOT conected (Offline)

Prepaid Card Reader device at Point of Sale.

The MiniPay completes the payment at the spot, at the time a card or any device, with embedded prepaid amounts is being used, without any cmmunication to a backend System.

MiniPay Device
NOT conected

Hover on one of the 3 images and it will display a description.

The above pictures are all POS Devices - Point of Sales.

More systems More People = Increases the RISKS

The POS Systems adds a layer of security risks since the POS Systems operate within its system (local in the supermarket or a shopping mall), providing management solutions for supermarkets and shopping malls, with a cluster of Cashier Points. The EFTPOS device is a standalone device, communicating directly to a payment processing network, free from the risk that unwanted malware comes into play.

However, both the EFTPOS devices and the POS Systems need to validating (process) each transaction in a vast range of involved parties and their payment network systems.

The MiniPay Solution eliminates all these layers of complicated systems or people. The process to shift the values (money) is made at its Source, with no backend system or people involved, at the instance when a purchase is made. Only the TWO Smart Chips are involved in creating the digitally signed record, the VOW Token. The EFTPOS and the POS Systems have a turnaround time to process a payment request, which can differ from 5 seconds up to 40 seconds or more depending on the day's time and connectivity.

The MiniPay and its Chip2Chip solution ALWAYS TAKE less than 1 second and is not dependent on communication.

ViA CAshier Solution and Barcode Reader


VOW is a synonym for ViA Offline Wallet. The ViA Offline Wallet is a patent applied system, software solution, embedded in the smart-chip, part of the Offline MiniPay POS terminal innovation, part of the applied US and PCT patent, 2017.

The VOW solution can both be integrated, as standard in the MiniPay POS terminal and also be part of software in an online traditional POS terminal

VOWis the first in the world secure Offline wallet, where values, pre-loaded and stored on a dual-processor Smart-Chip on a device, such as a Card or a mobile with eSIM.


Consumer 2 Vendor, means that the consumer pay the Vendor with a smart chip and using the VOW.

SOLUTIONS to a Cashless Future.

A NEW Global standard for Secure Offline Payments

  • Business & Revenue Model Innovation
  • Instant Payment and Settelments
  • Open Value Added Service Ready
  • ViA Card smart-chip Ready
  • National e-Value Hub Solution
  • 100% Open Source Based Transaction Hub
  • Consumer Validation of ATM and POS
  • Micro e-commerce Ready
  • CRM for the smallest business
  • Datamining Ready
  • OFFLINE Secure Payment Solution
  • Offline Wallet Solution

What ViA We Do

The ViA PAY Icon

National e-Value Hub

Autonomous solution for Governments.

The ViA PAY Icon

ViA MiniPay

A true OFFLINE POS Payment Solution.

The ViA PAY Icon


Futuristic Business Model Innovation which turns.....

The ViA PAY Icon


Open secure Multi-Function and Multi-Service POS Network.

The ViA PAY Icon

ViA TAV - Security Solutions & Cyber Security

Patented security solution for POS and ATM.

Multi Wallets in the same smart chip

The VOW concept can handle multiple wallets on the same smart chip. As an example one for the day to day spending with prepaid/loaded money-values and another wallet can handle quantities of Rice, Oil, or dedicated emergency grants.

Smart Chip Just got SMARTER... ViA a better way!


I fyou now have a question, hope you will find the answer here:

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The Q&A Section is just being redesigned on April 2022. Please revisit later.

ViA MiniPay POS device 100x100

Whom is the ViA MiniPay Concept intended for?

You have reached this website;, and you may have visited other websites within the ViA Global Solutions Pte Ltd group of companies and solutions, correct? Did you know that you are among the minority of consumers in the world!

Minority? Yes, you likely already have 2-10 different cards in your wallet. You are among the lucky ones who already are part of the minority group in our modern e-society and counted for as; the Included.

The majority of the consumers of the world are, in reality, excluded. The excluded consumers represent more than 70% of all consumers.

And the day-to-day spending is far more significant than 65% of countries spendings. Add to this that some estimate more than 1.5 billion street vendors, small business owners, service providers who can not accept anything else than cash payments.

The ViA MiniPay innovation's primary target is underserved and excluded consumer groups, all the day-to-day spendings we all do, and our children.

YES, we are on the way to a cashless society, many countries make bold initiatives to strive to less cash in circulation, and after you have read the following sentence, you will likely agree that money needs a replacement. As consumers, the small street vendors, merchants, and businesses using cash, you may not have thought that we CARRY A HUGE financial burden by using cash. A simple and most modest estimation demonstrates that, as an example, the use of different dollar banknotes cost all of us more than US$30.00/banknote and year.

So welcome to our websites, fasten your seatbelt and open your mind to something you never has seen or heard about before. We do welcome any comments and suggestions, click here to send us your message and your interest.

ViA MiniPay POS device 100x100

MiniPay is a patented revolutionary, first-of-its-kind and the only one-of-its-kind true OFFLINE payment solution, its a Offline POS terminal (device).
ViA MiniPay is the tradename for the device and its concept.

ViA MiniPay makes it possbal for everyone, regardless of how small business one is operating, street-vendor, tricycles taxi's or the window-cleaner who now can accept a secure instand payment for the services given.

Payment Revolution Circle

The MiniPay Device stores the payment values, which are later uploaded into the owner's ViA Account. The uploads can be done by a visiting ViA Agent, or if one later has access to a mobile phone or internet, or, at a ViA Kiosk, to name a few ways. ViA MiniPay keeps costs down to a minimum and is designed for the mass market.

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ViA MiniPay POS device 100x100

ViA MiniPay is a patented revolutionary, first-of-its-kind and the only one-of-its-kind true OFFLINE payment solution, its a Offline POS terminal (device).
ViA MiniPay is the tradename for the device and its concept.

ViA MiniPay makes it possbal for everyone, regardless of how small business one is operating, street-vendor, tricycles taxi's or the window-cleaner who now can accept a secure instand payment for the services given.

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